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Applied Media Analysis, Inc Releases Arabic Dataset 1.0 September 2007

Applied Media Analysis, Inc Releases V-Code Trial Software & Demos April 2007

Applied Media Analysis, Inc Releases Next Generation Barcode Scanner February 2007

Applied Media Analysis, Inc Releases Mobile Barcode SDK June 2006



David Doermann, Ph.D: Co-founder

Dr. David Doermann is the President of Applied Media Analysis, Inc. With over seventeen years of experience, he is responsible for the company's strategic direction while overseeing company operations. Since 1993, he has served co-director of the Laboratory for Language and Media Processing in the University of Maryland's Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and an adjunct member of the Graduate Faculty. His team of 15-20 researchers focuses on topics related to document image analysis and multimedia information processing. Recent intelligent document image analysis projects include page decomposition, structural analysis and classification, page segmentation, logo recognition, document image compression, duplicate document image detection, image based retrieval, character recognition, generation of synthetic OCR data, and signature verification. In video processing, projects have centered around the segmentation of compressed domain video sequences, structural representation and classification of video, detection of reformatted video sequences and the performance evaluation of automated video analysis algorithms.

He recently chaired the 2004 International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, is writing a book chapter on camera based OCR, and is chairing a workshop dedicated in camera based image analysis at ICDAR 2005.

Huiping Li, Ph.D: Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Huiping Li is the Chief Technology Officer of Applied Media Analysis, Inc. where he leads the technical team to develop mobile barcode recognition and text recognition algorithms and systems on mobile devices. Before joining Applied Media Analysis, Inc, he was an associate director of R&D at Genex Technologies, Inc., leading the medical imaging related research. He has worked at the Language and Media Processing Lab, University of Maryland as a research scientist, leading research in document analysis. Prior to his work at the University of Maryland, he worked for ObjectVideo, Inc. where he developed video segmentation algorithms for applications in video coding and surveillance. He earned a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2000. He has served and is serving as PI or Co-PI for several government sponsored projects related to mobile image processing and computer vision in camera enabled mobile devices.

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